Metro: Last Light with SweetFX (SMAA)
  • Alekzis

    Please upload screenshots.

  • Korbie

    “Metro: Last Light were never known to be technically great looking games. I think it adds style and detail.”

    Did anyone proofread this?

  • d0x360

    Do you just add “never known to be a good looking game” into everything? The Metro series, especially Last Light when it launched was amazing looking and even top end hardware available at it’s launch couldn’t run it at Max settings.

    I suppose you will eventually do a reshade on Exodus and say that isn’t good looking either lol.

    I appreciate you posting settings and explaining what they do but damn… Be original with your writing or just leave that part out.

    Even today Metro Last Light looks amazing. Only it’s faces don’t match up with the best in modern gaming but literally everything else still looks fantastic despite the game being 5+ years old.

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