Bioshock Infinite with SweetFX (HDR and SMAA)
  • omg

    looks like shit

  • What…

    Screenshots make the game look drab and dead with SweetFX. Think I’ll pass.

  • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

    I believe the Bioshock Infinite color pallet is intentional and any change would damp the looks and feel from the game.

  • Russian Fock

    This looks terrible,Not every game is meant to be darkned like arkham city,and removing the entire colour pallette.You just lost a shitload of atmosphere.I agree,some games need SweetFx,this game certaintly doesnt.Your settings makes it look horrible tbh.

  • dont need

    I was running the game and this whole time I thought sweetfx was enhancing the look, but then from these screens I realized it was making it worse. the game doesn’t need sweetfx, it looks outstanding without it.

  • Ano

    The bloom is overused in bioshock, just want to tweak that down.

  • Frédéric Boutin

    Comon guys. Yes these screens sucks but HDR is only one SweetFx option in many. For instance, LumaSharpen is great.

  • Say

    Finally something not oversaturated….

  • Marlon Sydney

    Bioshock is a perfectly beautiful game no need to use sweetfx.

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